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Reconstruct MD 5 (Branch Ave.) Phase 2

Owner: Maryland State Highway Administration

Cherry Hill Contract Value: $32.3 Million

Project Description:  This project is phase 2 of Maryland 5 Branch Avenue Metro Access Improvements.  It is located in Prince George’s County, Maryland and consists of the construction of a new access road (Woods Way) to the Branch Avenue Metro Station and its connection with Maryland 5. Work under this contract includes:

•        The construction of a divided four-lane closed section roadway (Woods Way) with sidewalks from MD 5 SB, intersecting Auth Place (at-grade) and continuing easterly to the Metro Station and Old Soper Road, where it terminates with a roundabout intersection.

•        The reconstruction of MD 5 NB roadway from Auth Way to Auth Road.  The roadway will be lowered to allow for Woods Way to cross over and create an at grade intersection with the MD 5 SB roadway.

•        The construction of the Woods Way steel girder bridge over MD 5 NB.

•        The construction of the dual left turn lanes from MD 5 SB to Woods Way and the corresponding dual receiving lanes.

•        The widening and resurfacing of the MD 5 SB roadway from Auth Way to South of I-495/I-95.

•        The construction of pedestrian walkway and a prestressed concrete slab panel bridge over MD 5 SB connecting Woods Way to Old Branch Avenue.

•        The construction of six (6) retaining walls.

•        The widening and resurfacing of Auth Road and its intersection with Auth Place to provide a free flowing dedicated right-turn lane for Auth Road WB onto Auth Place NB.

•        The widening and resurfacing of Auth Place from Auth Road to Woods Way to an undivided 4-lane roadway in conjunction with the Auth Place/Auth Road intersection improvements. 

•        The installation of stone column ground improvement system. 

•        The installation of roadway surface collection closed storm drain systems and the grading of roadside ditches along MD 5, Woods Way, Auth Way, and Auth Place.

•        The construction of a stormwater management (SWM) wet pond facility.

•        New traffic signal installations and modifications to existing traffic signals.

•        The installation of roadway signing, pavement markings, and continuous roadway lighting along MD 5 and along Woods Way.

•        Installation of three (3) cantilever sign structures along with the removal of one (1) overhead sign structure and one (1) cantilever sign structure along MD 5 SB.

•        Utility relocations, adjustments, etc. of WSSC and Verizon Facilities.       

•        Grading and installation of landscape plantings along the roadsides, medians, and at the SWM Facilities.  

•        Necessary construction staging and maintenance of traffic to accommodate the above described improvements.

•        Installation of erosion and sediment control necessary for the construction and stabilization of the above described improvements.